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What is an E-cigarette?

An electronic cigarette, also known as an e-cigarette or e-cig, is a cleaner alternative to tobacco smoking. The e-cig is an electronic device that simulates tobacco smoking by producing a vapor that is inhaled providing the “vaper” (or smoker) with the physical sensation, appearance, flavor, and nicotine of traditional cigarettes.

What is the difference between an e-cig and a regular cigarette?

Regular cigarettes burn tobacco. When ignited, a cigarette produces tar, smoke, carbon monoxide, ash, and many, many other chemicals. Regular cigarettes are known to contain some 3,000 chemicals which include amonia, arsenic, and methane. NIRVANA e-cigarettes do not burn tobacco. They contain no tar, no smoke, no smell, and no ashes. They do not give you the bad breath that cigarettes do and do not burn clothes, car seats, or fingers! Finally you can come home without smelling like cigarettes!

How does an E-cigarette work?

The NIRVANA E-cigarette is made up of two parts: the CARTOMIZER and the BATTERY. The cartomizer contains primarily water, propelyne glycol and/or glycerin, flavoring, and nicotine. The battery heats up the solution in the cartomizer which produces a vapor that is 99% water, but simulates the smoke and nicotine of a regular cigarette.

What are Propelyne Glycol and Glycerin?

Propelyne glycol, or PG, is a food additive that is approved by the United States FDA as safe to use. It is also commonly used in ASTHMA INHALERS. Vegetable Glycerin is a carbohydrate made from plant oil and is used in such products as toothpaste and margarine.

Where can I smoke E-cigarettes?

Do you feel guilty about smoking around other people? Are you tired of having to go outside to smoke a cigarette? Do you waste time at work with “cigarette breaks?” Because NIRVANA e-cigarettes do not burn tobacco or produce smoke, they do not fall under anti-tobacco smoking laws. Our customers can enjoy their smoking in most indoor places such as restaurants, bars, malls, office buildings, and even airports.

Can the E-cigarette help you stop smoking?

Because the e-cigarette is not a medical device, we make no claims that it will help you to stop smoking. It is just a cleaner alternative to regular tobacco smoking. Some persons may choose to use e-cigarettes in place of regular cigarettes. Others may choose to use them when convenient or if smoking is not allowed. The choice is up to the individual and how satisfying his/her e-cigarette experience is. NIRVANA e-cigarettes are the best product on the market, designed to closely simulate the pleasure of regular tobacco smoking.

How are E-cigarettes “cleaner” than regular cigarettes?

Because e-cigarettes produce no smoke, ash, or carbon monoxide, they are a cleaner alternative for the environment. Additionally, because one cartomizer can last as long as one box of cigarettes, you will not have 20 smelly, ashy, cigarette butts to dispose of. Imagine your ash tray, once overflowing with cigarette butts and ashes, now having only a single cartomizer in it. That’s clean!

Will I save money using E-cigarettes?

For the past few years, smokers have been hit with price increases that are 100-300% more than most other products in stores. A pack of cigarettes can cost between 5 - 6 lv or more. A NIRVANA cartomizer can last up to one pack of cigarettes. Depending on how much you smoke, by using our cartomizers, you can save hundreds of leva per year!

What are the different nicotine levels and what strength should I choose?

Our filters/cartridges come in High 16mg, Medium 12mg, Low 6mg, and 0mg strengths. To help you select the appropriate level for you, keep the following guidelines in mind: The “High” level is approximately equal to a normal full flavor cigarette (like Marlboro red). The “Medium” level is approximately equal to a normal medium to light flavor cigarette (like Marlboro white or Davidoff gold). The “Low” level is equivalent to a normal light to ultra light cigarette (like Marlboro silver or Davidoff white). The “Zero” level contains no nicotine but still simulates the pleasure of smoking and is available in several flavors.

Why is NIRVANA the best e-cigarette in Bulgaria?

The NIRVANA e-cigarette is a result of the newest technology, research, testing and, most importantly, customer response. We have taken careful steps to make sure that NIRVANA offers you the most realistic smoking experience available. We have also listened to our customers who have helped us test different flavor recipes. With their recommendations, we have had our artisans carefully put together recipes that make our flavors the most delicious in the world. NIRVANA only offers kits with a PORTABLE CHARGER and TWO batteries so you can charge and enjoy your e-cigarette all day long. But the good news is that our portable charger kits are priced, in most cases, LOWER than other kits which only include one battery and NO portable charger!
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